Your jewelry tell who you are

Jewelry fascinated me since I was little.My grand grandmother called "the story of my life" a pouches with all her jewelry which she carrying hidden in her clothes when she came from Istanbul to Thessaloniki. She makes me to understand is not only the material that makes a jewelry worthy. It is the story of the maker,the owner,your memories with that piece and that feeling when you touch it makes a piece really precious.
I've made and collected jewelry for whole my life but I study something else and I started working .
When I learned to metalsmith I felt like all the puzzle pieces came together.For whatever reason it's a part of who I am. Don't only I possess and wear jewelry but finally I can make all that imaginative jewelry I want for me.
I generally begin with the idea...a sketch and then I transfer it to metal. From there everything is by hand at my bench: sawing filing , soldering and stone setting before the final polish.
Many things inspire my designs , from ancients culture and nature , to geometry and architecture , to a dream and a travel. Jewelry is a statement and medium of expression for both the creator and the wearer. I truly value that connection when someone chooses to have something I' ve made become a part of themselves and their personal expression.

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